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The community of songwriters and musicians who make up Nashville’s music scene are as diverse as the music itself, which is why Nashville is not only the Music City, but it is also the city of oak whiskey barrels, walnut bar countertops, finely crafted guitars, the Grand Ole Opry’s iconic circle, and the forested hills of Tennessee. Wood, like music, is in our blood. So it felt natural when we, a professional drummer and a professional ballroom dancer, branched out and established Nashville Wood


Baxter Phillips is one of the only designer optical ecommerce businesses where you can find a curated selection of luxury frames usually found in high-end shops, but for a fraction of the cost. With the right frame from Baxter Phillips, you can create a bold statement and sport your own cool London vibe to finish off your look, because fashion is what you is what you do with it. No longer considered just a corrective measure, eyewear is now looked upon as a finishing touch to your e

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Every 30,000 miles you bring your car in to be serviced. You get a tune up, an oil change...maybe even have the tires rotated. Routine maintenance, or preventive car care, reduces wear and tear of the engine and other components that ultimately extends the life of your vehicle. Much the same, preventive healthcare consists of medical practices designed to avert and avoid disease, ultimately extending your life. At Marketplace Earth Vitamins, we provide the safest, purest, most effective vitamins


It’s Monday 9 a.m. and you’ve already worked out, walked the dog, ate breakfast, and gotten your kids ready for the day. After a full day at the office, you’ll collect the kids, feed the kids, and drop the kids off at swim lessons. Finally, you’ll retrieve the kids, feed the kids, and get them ready for bed. Tuesday...repeat. Between balancing work life and home life, you barely have time to drink water let alone care of your body. There’s just no time to evaluate 30 different face creams or fig

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Historically, medicines were dispensed as herbal concoctions. As science advanced, chemists were able to extract the active ingredients from natural sources like bacteria, fungi, and plants, to make remedies with a higher potency that would help to heal ailments for total wellness. Today, when a natural source is not readily available, chemistry steps in to provide synthetic alternatives that treat only the symptoms, not the underlying issues. Rafa, however, is reverting back to nature with trad


Black. Sometimes considered absence of color. Never considered void of chic. Thanks to Coco Chanel, wearing all black is now the epitome of chic. She iconized the Little Black Dress and refashioned black sartorial garb from funeral-wear to the red carpet. Black. It’s your escape from the revolving door of fast fashion trends because black is always en vogue. Black. It’s bold. It’s universal. It’s classic. It’s OnyxlyChic. OnyxlyChic. We are your go-to minimalist boho online fashion boutique w

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Francis Scott Key witnessed the bombing of Fort McHenry by British ships of the Royal Navy in Baltimore Harbor during the War of 1812’s Battle of Baltimore. Proud of the U.S. victory, Key was inspired by the sight of the large American flag known as the “Star-Spangled Banner,” flying triumphantly above the fort. Two-hundred six years after Key penned the poem that later became our country’s national anthem, Liberty FlagLight is equally as proud as Key to be able to offer the only solar flag ligh

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For as long as man has been walking the earth, cutting implements have been an essential piece of equipment—for hunting, fighting, survival, trading, and cooking. Over time, the materials used to make knives have evolved, but their utilitarian usages remain the same: functional and life-sustaining tools that serve as emblems of strength in the great outdoors, the kitchen, the workplace, or just about anywhere for the modern-day warrior. Survivor Hand takes pride in being able to supply you with