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Working Outdoors In the Fall with HotHands Hand Warmers

Extreme heat events are increasing temperatures throughout the world. This summer, June smashed record highs with temperatures reaching 111 degrees F. But don’t let the heat fool you. Paradoxically, this warmer climate may actually contribute to the upcoming extreme cold we are expecting this winter: Normally, the jet stream winds around the Arctic’s polar vortex and acts as a lasso of sorts, keeping the cold air trapped inside. But when the Arctic rapidly warms, the jet stream weakens and elong

Smart Spring Skiing with HotHands

After a winter of traveling from your kitchen island to your living room couch, actual state-to-state vacations are looking more likely with the availability of the Covid-19 vaccine. Studies show that the vaccines are effective at keeping you from getting the virus; however, it’s essential to continue practicing all of the recommended health measures, including social distancing. So, that indoor party you planned to throw to celebrate your vaccination? Probably not a good idea. But spring skiing

The Essential Fall Accessory: HotHands Hand Warmers

Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer and start of autumn. That’s the exact time when swimming pools close for the season, wearing white becomes faux pas, and the hallmarks of fall fashion (sweaters, boots, and gloves), grace closets to provide a cozy option until coats, hand warmers, and foot warmers become essential. And they will, as the temperatures plunge the closer we get to winter. Heads adorned with hats also mark the onset of crisp autumn days. Some feel that wearing a hat is merel

Safer Outside. Warmer with Hot Hands.

If this year has taught us anything, it’s the importance of adapting to changing circumstances. “Survival of the fittest,” is a term first made famous in 1869, by British naturalist Charles Darwin, as written in his book On the Origin of Species. The phrase suggested that organisms best adjusted to their environment are the most successful in surviving and reproducing. And in 2020, it doesn’t hold any less true; with the current COVID-19 pandemic, people have found a way to survive the months of

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Not The Smiths. The Smith Machine. | | Simplified Personal Training

While The Smiths are regarded as one of the most important bands to emerge from the British independent music scene of the 1980s, the Smith Machine, invented by American Jack LaLanne in the 1950s but modified and improved upon by Rudy Smith, is often criticized by strength coaches for its unnatural movements, failure to fully tax the muscles, and its generally unappealing design. If it’s so dreaded, why has the Smith Machine became a common piece of equipment in gyms - so popular that even that

DITCH THE DIET! | | Simplified Personal Training

Paleo. Vegan. Low-Carb. Atkins. Keto. Dukan. Raw Food. HGC. Mediterranean…the list goes on. As a matter of fact, it seems like there is no shortage of fad diets that “guarantee weight loss.” Typically when someone starts one of these diets, they see weight loss right away, especially if they’re motivated and stick to that diet. But dieting, by definition, is a temporary food plan. Because they teach you nothing about healthy eating, after you've "completed" your fad diet, you simply boomerang b

Ice Cream Soda, Lemonade Punch | | Simplified Personal Training

Jumping rope is an excellent motor skill-building activity. Since kids have to pick up both their feet simultaneously, jumping rope builds motor coordination. For beginners, it also takes a lot of concentration, which helps kids hone their ability to focus. Plus, it’s fun! I mean, who doesn’t like to make up new rhymes and challenge themselves to jump straight through the alphabet? But jumping rope is not just for little kids. Boxers do it. And you should, too, because jumping rope is a full-b

Signs You're Working Out Too Much | | Simplified Personal Training

Maybe you love the endorphin rush of a good workout so much that you don’t want to go a day without it. Perhaps you feel guilty if you take a day off from going to the gym. Or, you might use exercise to keep yourself from stressing out about your daily food intake. Whatever the reason, after a certain point, too much exercise can be harmful to your health and hinder your results. After all, the point of exercise is to get healthy, not hurt. Too much weightlifting, cardio, and HIIT workouts can

Why 10,000 Steps? | | Simplified Personal Training

Dr. I-Min Lee, an associate epidemiologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, and a researcher on physical activity, wanted to research the basis for 10,000 steps and its validity regarding mortality. The key findings revealed that: Sedentary women averaged 2,700 steps a day; women who averaged 4,400 daily steps had a 41% reduction in mortality; mortality rates progressively improved before leveling off at approximately 7,500 steps per day; and th

Exercise Equivalents of Halloween Candy...And it's Scary! | | Simplified Personal Training

It can certainly be a challenge to keep candy consumption to a minimum this time of year. It usually ends up that we start snacking on fun size Snickers and mini packets of M&M’s here and there, not realizing that we’ve turned candy-eating into a regular habit. Not to mention, because we’re mostly noshing on “fun-sized” treats, we tend to brush them off as inconsequential, although “fun-sized,” many have quite a few more calories than we probably realize. One of the best ways to keep your healt

Navigating the Yogurt Aisle | | Simplified Personal Training

The yogurt aisle: Greek. Icelandic. Fruit flavored. Fruit on the bottom. Nonfat. Lowfat. Full-fat. Soy yogurt. Goat’s milk. Organic. All-Natural. Have you ever stood in front of the yogurt aisle utterly overwhelmed by the choices, especially since all of them claim to be “healthy?” A common assumption is that yogurt is a healthier choice for a snack than, say, a can of soda, right? Not always. Some yogurts are loaded with sugar, making those selections more akin to a dessert than a healthy snac

Break the Cycle | | Simplified Personal Training

YOUR METABOLISM CHANGES WITH AGE By the time you’re in your mid-forties, you may be wondering, “what happened…how did I gain this weight and why can’t I lose it?” Well, starting in your 20s, your base metabolic rate (BMR) or, the pace at which your body uses energy when you’re at rest, slows down by two to three percent each decade. That’s why. And this is how… Changes in body composition (muscle loss) due to inactivity as we age is a key factor to this slowing effect. Left unchecked, muscle i

C'ville Runs…& Swims…& Bikes 2021 | | Simplified Personal Training

C’Ville is an historic city best known as the home of presidents Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe. Visitors travel from all over to see Jefferson’s Monticello plantation and The University of Virginia. But Charlottesville is also popular for its Downtown Mall, arts and culture festivals, as a launching pad for outdoor adventure in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and for the Charlottesville Ten Miler. The Charlottesville Ten Miler, established in 1976, is the area's oldest and most prestigious footra

Travel Strong | | Simplified Personal Training

THE WORLD IS YOUR GYM The good news is that your progress won’t be erased that quickly. Studies estimate the beginnings of fitness deterioration are about four weeks for people who lift weights and about two for cardio, but this is assuming you literally sit down for the entirety of your travels and don’t move at all. And if you’ve been training for a while, it may take even more time than that. So stop worrying and start taking advantage of the novelty of new surroundings with a fresh destinat

Is Breakfast Really the Most Important Meal of the Day? | | Simplified Personal Training

Breakfast is often described as the most important meal of the day, providing sustenance and energy (i.e., calories) for whatever activities lay ahead. As nutritionist Adelle Davis famously put it back in the 1960s: “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.” But is breakfast really the most important meal of the day? Heather Arndt Anderson, author of Breakfast: A History, told Huffington Post, "It was actually socially and morally frowned upon to eat breakfast un

WHO HAS THE TIME? | | Simplified Personal Training

In a world where we are constantly on the go it can be tough to carve out time for ourselves. It’s a vicious cycle: workout, start to feel good, get busy, fall off the wagon. We get it. We’ve all been there. But a healthy lifestyle requires dedication. And let’s face it, most people would rather be doing something other than exercise. A recent study examined how people are actually spending their time these days. You may be surprised (or maybe not) to hear that leisure activities, which include

Eat More. Lose Weight. | | Simplified Personal Training

When it comes to diet, conventional wisdom says that if you're trying to lose weight, it makes sense to eat less in order to cut calories, leading to a calorie deficit that help the pounds drop off. But there's a flip side to this argument: Sometimes eating more is the key to reaching your goals. You might be thinking, “Yeah, eating more can help bring about weight loss like making out with a frog is the best way to find true love.” But according to many registered dietitians, it's true (but not

“…Of Course I Am!!!” | | Simplified Personal Training

So, you’re ready to join a gym. It’s an exciting first step that can lead to many positive benefits for you physically and mentally; your health is one of the best investments you can make. Taking the time and energy to stay fit can save you substantial healthcare costs down the line because regular exercise increases longevity by reducing the risk for cardiovascular disease, stress, obesity, and high blood pressure. Plus, it makes you look and feel good! Gyms are convenient; they have all the

A Very Brief History of the Dumbbell | | Simplified Personal Training

Consisting of a single bar with equal weights on each end, the simple dumbbell is probably the single-most versatile piece of equipment in the gym and has been used for a variety of exercises for the last 2,500 years! In its most basic form, dumbbells can be traced to the ancient Greeks dating back to the 5th Century BC. Then called a haltere, the Greek version of a dumbbell was an oblong-shaped stone with a handle. Athletes would hold a haltere in each hand, and quickly throw the weights backwa

Tackling TRX | | Simplified Personal Training

The modern-day gym floor is full of alien-looking contraptions that can confuse and/or intimidate even the most experienced in fitness. Amongst this collection of machines, there’s the TRX suspension trainer—a bunch of straps, pulleys, handles, and carabiners that look more like something a stuntman would use to dangle off a building, than it does a legitimate piece of workout equipment. While TRX —short for total-body resistance exercise—may look perplexing, it is a training tool that will up

SUCCESS STUDIO: 3,000 YEARS IN THE MAKING! | | Simplified Personal Training

These days there seems to be a gym on every corner. But when did the gym become so mainstream? Ancient Greece is the root of what we now know as the modern health club or gym. Designed to train men for such games as the Olympics, the gyms focused on fitness and care of the body. After the collapse of the Greco-Roman civilization, many centuries passed before the gym re-emerged as a cultural institution. Inspired by a desire to restore national pride after the crushing defeat of the Prussian ar

If You Have To Eat Fast Food... | | Simplified Personal Training

A typical sub has at least 50 grams of carbs, most of which come from the bun. To minimize carbs and calories while keeping protein intake high, order a sub “in a tub” (all the ingredients of the sandwich are put in a bowl, sans the bun). It can save you 40 carbs! Just request that it be prepared as a salad with olive oil and vinegar for the dressing. Although the term “sub in a tub” originated at Jersey Mike’s, you can order your meal this way from any sub sandwich shop, including Subway. Choo

Scale Obsession: How Many Times is Too Many Times to Step on the Scale? | | Simplified Personal Training

The bathroom scale. Nearly every household has one, but their usage varies tremendously from person to person. Some fear it and keep it tucked away behind the toilet bowl, as their relationship with the scale is mainly one of fear-driven avoidance. Then there are the scale addicts who might weigh themselves daily, or even after every meal or workout, each tick downward giving them hope and each tick upward bringing despair. Regardless of this love-hate relationship, the bathroom scale is not al

13 PAIR OF SNEAKERS AND SOME HIGH HEELS | | Simplified Personal Training

I came home from the mall with a pair of gorgeous Vince Camuto heels when my husband asked me why I needed another pair of shoes. Instead of offering him an answer, I walked over to his closet to reveal the 13 pair of sneakers he has neatly lined up on the floor. Thirteen pair of sneakers…now that’s excessive! Or is it? As he sat there explaining how each pair of sneakers serves a different purpose, it started to make sense why my shins hurt when I run: I’m probably not wearing the right kind o
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