Professor Kisha Lashley’s Research Recognized as Finalist Paper for 2021 Bradford Osborne Research Award

McIntire Professor Kisha Lashley’s 2020 paper (co-authored with colleague Timothy G. Pollock, of Haslam College of The University of Tennessee, Knoxville), “Dancing with Giants: How Small Women- and Minority-Owned Firms Use Soft Power to Manage Asymmetric Relationships with Larger Partners,” has been recognized as a finalist paper for the 2021 Bradford Osborne Research Award. The award was established last year by the University of Washington Foster School of Business and UCLA’s Anderson School

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Come to Jambo Café (2010 Cerrillos Road, 473-1269) for the Lamu coconut pili pili shrimp, and stay for the chance to do something good. When you eat here, not only are you consuming delicious cuisine, you’re also contributing to a healthy future for Lamu, Kenya. The Jambo Kids Foundation, predominantly bankrolled from a percentage of the restaurant’s proceeds, funds the construction and operation of the town’s new “Jambo Kids Clinic.” This health clinic serves as a vital alternative to Lamu’s on

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When he is not turning out exquisite haute cuisine at Santa Fe's reputable Anasazi Restaurant (113 Washington Ave., 988-3030) executive chef Juan Bochenski swaps foie gras for grass-fed and treats his taste buds to a simple burger at Santa Fe's popular Cowgirl Restaurant (319 S Guadalupe St., 982-2565). Any burger. "It is a place where I can shut off being a chef so I can just spend time with my family." It is also a neighborhood staple catering to all economic levels of the community (from A-li

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Ahmed M Obo Hailing from Lamu, an island off the coast of Kenya, Ahmed Obo, chef and owner of Jambo Café (2010 Cerrillos Road, 473-1269), is no stranger to the savory and the seasoned. According to Obo, his native fare (a Swahili fusion from European, Arabic and Indian influences) is very much reminiscent of New Mexican regional flavor: spicy, piquant, aromatic. "Since I moved here," says Obo, "the green chile is one thing I've enjoyed about New Mexico. It produces a zesty flavor that is simila

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Just as Nirvana upended the conventions of mainstream rock, modernist cuisine has torn through the confines of the culinary arts. Borrowing procedures from the laboratory, chefs have been experimenting with molecular gastronomy in restaurants around the world. Enter Christian Pontiggia, executive chef at the reputable Osteria D'assisi (58 S Federal Place, 986- 5858). While working in Italy, Pontiggia made gelato tableside with liquid nitrogen. The results? Exceptionally smooth textures, lots of

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The first modern pizza (said to have been created by the chef Raffaele Esposito in the Italian town of Napoli, to honor the queen consort of Italy, Margherita of Savoy) ultimately migrated overseas, evolved into several varieties and quickly became one of the world’s most popular foods. In the United States alone, there’s Chicago’s deep-dish, Detroit’s twice-baked and New York’s thin crust—none of which are considered traditional. For that, you’d have to go to Santa Fe’s Pizzeria Da Lino, where

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Guilty: Justly chargeable with a particular fault. Murphy O'Brien admits to being guilty of three things: having an affinity for "simple comfort foods with simple flavors," serving straightforward dishes from a consistent menu at his restaurant Café Fina (624 Old Las Vegas Hwy., 466-3886) and invariably ordering the same menu items when he eats out. "At La Choza, for example, I'm guilty of playing it safe by always ordering the beef enchiladas with green chile. It's an uncomplicated comfort food

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"It was easier to know it than to explain why I know it. If you were asked to prove that two and two made four, you might find some difficulty, and yet you are quite sure of the fact," summarizes Sherlock Holmes about his intuition. Much like Holmes, Russ Thornton, corporate chef at Rio Chama Steakhouse (414 Old Santa Fe Trail, 955-0765) foresees the future of Santa Fe cuisine. "Personally, I think this year restaurants will be offering more affordable meals to a younger crowd," Thornton says. "

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But when Wade's not in the kitchen (or on the farm) raising the "salad bar," she admits, "I eat salad here, but when I go out, I crave a burger or something." More of a kind of girl (sans the cannabis and childish shenanigans), Wade enjoys the adventure of eating out. "The drive to a funky, quirky destination is half the fun," she says. So when the craving strikes, she sets her course north to Rancho de Chimayó Restaurante in the Chimayó valley for their mini sopaipillows (baby sopaipillas tosse